Michael David McGuire

NightTalker Show Host

Michael David McGuire began his work in the media business in the 1960’s. By the very early 1970’s, McGuire had worked as a television producer, news anchor, reporter, talkshow host and film actor. By the 1980’s, McGuire had voiced, produced and/or directed 100’s of TV and radio commercials… and appeared in a number of episodic TV shows and feature films. During the late 1980’s and 1990’s, McGuire worked as one of this generation’s best known media development consultants… taking his energy and inspirational message to more than 800 separate markets across North America and Europe. Today, Michael David McGuire divides his personal life between Los Angeles and New York… servicing media clients and media projects around the world. Mr. McGuire can be reached by calling (323) 656-3000.